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Hedychium gardnerianum AGMHedychium gardnerianum AGMHedychium gardnerianum AGM
Hedychium gardnerianum AGM
Ginger Lily Hardy in mild areas. Scented yellow flowers, red filament. 90cm-1.2m. Long leaves turn deep blue-green as they mature. Rich, moist soil in full sun.
3LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Hedychium GreeniiHedychium GreeniiHedychium Greenii
Hedychium Greenii
Ginger Lily Large orange-red flowers Sep-Nov. 1.5m. Maroon-backed leaves and stems. Hardy in mildest areas, best overwintered undercover. Moisture retentive soil in full sun.
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Hedychium 'Tara'Hedychium 'Tara'Hedychium 'Tara'
Hedychium 'Tara'
Introduced by Tony Schilling in 1972. Dense spikes over 6 inches long of scented bright orange-red orchid like blooms Aug-Sep 1.8m
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Heloniopsis umbellata BSWJ 3732Heloniopsis umbellata BSWJ 3732Heloniopsis umbellata BSWJ 3732
Heloniopsis umbellata BSWJ 3732
Rare shade loving plant from Taiwan that will grow in very moist sites .Clump forming evergreen 20 cm high .Whitish pink flowers early spring
1LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket

Hemerocallis MiddendorffiiHemerocallis MiddendorffiiHemerocallis Middendorffii
Hemerocallis Middendorffii
Bright orange yellow fragrant flowers. June-Aug. Compact
2LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket
Hemiboea strigosaHemiboea strigosaHemiboea strigosa
Hemiboea strigosa
Rare woodland plant for moist shady sites, spread 30-45cms. pinkish tubular flowers in autumn
2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket

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