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Geranium maculatum 'Beth Chatto'Geranium maculatum 'Beth Chatto'Geranium maculatum 'Beth Chatto'
Geranium maculatum 'Beth Chatto'
Clump forming lilac-pink flowers.
2LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Geum Totally TangerineGeum Totally TangerineGeum Totally Tangerine
Geum Totally Tangerine
New Free flowering May Oct 50 cm
1LPerennial£7.00 Add to basket

Gillenia trifoliataGillenia trifoliataGillenia trifoliata
Gillenia trifoliata
A perennial with reddish stems bearing small, 3-lobed leaves and sprays of starry white flowers 3-4cm in width, with contrasting red calyces.
1.5 LPerennial£12.00 Add to basket
Gillenia trifoliata Pink ProfusionGillenia trifoliata Pink ProfusionGillenia trifoliata Pink Profusion
Gillenia trifoliata Pink Profusion
For partial shade. It bears masses of delicate, star-shaped white flowers in midsummer. In autumn the flowers develop into attractive seedheads.
1.5 LPerennial£12.00 Add to basket

Gunnera HamiltoniiGunnera HamiltoniiGunnera Hamiltonii
Gunnera Hamiltonii
Leaves with stout winged stalks, slatey green, 20-30mm long. A species handsome in foliage, now very rare in the wild.
1LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket
Gunnera Hamiltonii

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