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Thalictrum Black StockingThalictrum Black StockingThalictrum Black Stocking
Thalictrum Black Stocking
NEW Large growing var Black stems with contrasting green leaves .Large fluffy flat flowers lavender pink in late summer
1.5 LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Thalictrum del. 'Album'Thalictrum del. 'Album'Thalictrum del. 'Album'
Thalictrum del. 'Album'
White flowers are borne June-Sept. 150cm.
1.5Perennial£9.00 Add to basket

Thalictrum delavayi HinkleyThalictrum delavayi HinkleyThalictrum delavayi Hinkley
Thalictrum delavayi Hinkley
Prominent long yellow stamens above fern-like bright green leaves. Hardy. Up to 1.5m.
1.5 LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Tibouchina urvilleanaTibouchina urvilleanaTibouchina urvilleana
Tibouchina urvilleana
Tallish growing tender evergreen. Stunning purple flowers.
2LPerennial£12.00 Add to basket

Trauretteria japonica caroliniensisTrauretteria japonica caroliniensisTrauretteria japonica caroliniensis
Trauretteria japonica caroliniensis

1LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket
Tricyrtis Gilt EdgeTricyrtis Gilt EdgeTricyrtis Gilt Edge
Tricyrtis Gilt Edge
Toad lily with narrow gold margins to leaves, pale purple flowers lightly spotted
2LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket

Tricyrtis macrantha subsp. macranthopsisTricyrtis macrantha subsp. macranthopsisTricyrtis macrantha subsp. macranthopsis
Tricyrtis macrantha subsp. macranthopsis
Toad Lily Flowers are large yellow, spotted bells Aug-Oct. 45cm. Part shade, good soil.
2LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Trillium cuneatumTrillium cuneatumTrillium cuneatum
Trillium cuneatum
Maroon to purplish brown flowers Mar to Apr .Leaves dark green mottled 20 to 30 cm
1LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket

Trillium grandiflorumTrillium grandiflorumTrillium grandiflorum
Trillium grandiflorum
Large white flowers Green leaves 20 to 30 cm Easy to grow
1LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Trillium luteumTrillium luteumTrillium luteum
Trillium luteum
Yellow flowers Apr to May Dark green mottled leaves 20 to 40 cm
1LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket

Trllium sessileTrllium sessileTrllium sessile
Trllium sessile
Maroon to reddish brown flowers Mar to May.Foliage dark green and mottled
1LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Trllium sessile

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