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Acanthus spinosus AGMAcanthus spinosus AGMAcanthus spinosus AGM
Acanthus spinosus AGM
Bears Breeches, Soft mauve flowers in spikes, Jun-Oct. 1.5m in height. Handsome, glossy dark green foliage. Well drained soil, flowers are best in the sun.
2LPerennial£7.00 Add to basket
Acanthus spinosus Spinosissimus GroupAcanthus spinosus Spinosissimus GroupAcanthus spinosus Spinosissimus Group
Acanthus spinosus Spinosissimus Group
Leaves are very finely divided with white tips.
2LPerennial£7.00 Add to basket

Achillea mill. 'Coronation Gold'Achillea mill. 'Coronation Gold'Achillea mill. 'Coronation Gold'
Achillea mill. 'Coronation Gold'
Yarrow Flat heads of golden yellow flowers Jun-Aug. 75cm. Soft grey-green foliage. Any soil, full sun.
2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket
Actaea BrunetteActaea BrunetteActaea Brunette
Actaea Brunette

2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket

Actaea simplex Black negligeeActaea simplex Black negligeeActaea simplex Black negligee
Actaea simplex Black negligee
Black foliage when mature. Scented white spikes, July - Sept. 90 cm in height.
1.5 LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Agapanthus LilliputAgapanthus LilliputAgapanthus Lilliput
Agapanthus Lilliput
'Lilliput' is a compact herbaceous perennial to 45cm tall, with narrow leaves and erect stems bearing a rounded cluster of funnel-shaped dark blue flowers in late summer
3LPerennial£10.00 Add to basket

Agastache MorelloAgastache MorelloAgastache Morello
Agastache Morello
A deep pink agastache which soon forms a nice clump in the border.
1.5 LPerennial£7.00 Add to basket
Alchemilla mollisAlchemilla mollisAlchemilla mollis
Alchemilla mollis
Greenish yellow foliage excellent ground cover yellow flowers may - Sept. 40cm
2LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket

Aloe aristataAloe aristataAloe aristata
Aloe aristata
A.aristata is a low-growing evergreen perennial.It forms lance-shaped, softly spined green leaves with white spots. In autumn tubular, orange-red flowers appear on long stems.
3LPerennial£12.00 Add to basket
Anemone hyb, SerenadeAnemone hyb, SerenadeAnemone hyb, Serenade
Anemone hyb, Serenade
Free flowering, semi double dark pink. 80cm in height. Aug/Oct.
2LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket

Anthriscus sylvestris RavenswingAnthriscus sylvestris RavenswingAnthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing
Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing
A beautiful member of the cow-parsley group with lacy white flowers, May-Jun. 1.2m in height. Glorious purple ferny foliage. Any soil in sun or part shade. Biennial.
2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket
Arisaema rigdensArisaema rigdensArisaema rigdens
Arisaema rigdens

2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket

Aruncus HoratioAruncus HoratioAruncus Horatio
Aruncus Horatio
leaves and stems bronze colour cream flowers June to Aug Good autumn foliage
2LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket
Asarum europeumAsarum europeumAsarum europeum
Asarum europeum
Wild, Ginger, Evergreen species with shiny heart-shaped leaves and spring blossoms of purple/green, May-Jun. 15cm in height. Good ground cover woodland plant. Dry shade.
1LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket

Asarum splendensAsarum splendensAsarum splendens
Asarum splendens
Good ground cover, mottled evergreen leaves,strange brown/cream flowers at base. 30cm in height.
1LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket
Asparagus VirgatusAsparagus VirgatusAsparagus Virgatus
Asparagus Virgatus
Very fine evergreen foliage.
2LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket

Aspidistra elatorAspidistra elatorAspidistra elator
Aspidistra elator
This once popular victorian foliage plant, may be grown in sheltered shady areas in the uk. Slow growing,40-60cm.
2LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Aspidistra elatorAspidistra elatorAspidistra elator
Aspidistra elator
This once popular victorian foliage plant, may be grown in sheltered shady areas in the uk. Slow growing,40-60cm.
4lPerennial£15.00 Add to basket

Astrantia BucklandAstrantia BucklandAstrantia Buckland
Astrantia Buckland
Masterwort Cream, green-tipped petals with pink flowers inside, Jun-Aug. 70cm in height. Well-drained soil, sun or part shade.
2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket
Astrantia major FlorenceAstrantia major FlorenceAstrantia major Florence
Astrantia major Florence
One of the new cutivars, pink flowers, June to Sept. 50 to 60 cm in height.
1LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket

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