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Acanthus spinosus AGMAcanthus spinosus AGMAcanthus spinosus AGM
Acanthus spinosus AGM
Bears Breeches, Soft mauve flowers in spikes, Jun-Oct. 1.5m in height. Handsome, glossy dark green foliage. Well drained soil, flowers are best in the sun.
2LPerennial£7.00 Add to basket
Acanthus spinosus Spinosissimus GroupAcanthus spinosus Spinosissimus GroupAcanthus spinosus Spinosissimus Group
Acanthus spinosus Spinosissimus Group
Leaves are very finely divided with white tips.
2LPerennial£7.00 Add to basket

Achillea mill. 'Coronation Gold'Achillea mill. 'Coronation Gold'Achillea mill. 'Coronation Gold'
Achillea mill. 'Coronation Gold'
Yarrow Flat heads of golden yellow flowers Jun-Aug. 75cm. Soft grey-green foliage. Any soil, full sun.
2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket
Actaea BrunetteActaea BrunetteActaea Brunette
Actaea Brunette

2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket

Actaea simplex Black negligeeActaea simplex Black negligeeActaea simplex Black negligee
Actaea simplex Black negligee
Black foliage when mature. Scented white spikes, July - Sept. 90 cm in height.
1.5 LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Agapanthus 'Golden Drop'Agapanthus 'Golden Drop'Agapanthus 'Golden Drop'
Agapanthus 'Golden Drop'
Bright golden/green variegated foliage, blue flowers
1.5 LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket

Agapanthus LilliputAgapanthus LilliputAgapanthus Lilliput
Agapanthus Lilliput
'Lilliput' is a compact herbaceous perennial to 45cm tall, with narrow leaves and erect stems bearing a rounded cluster of funnel-shaped dark blue flowers in late summer
3LPerennial£10.00 Add to basket
Agapanthus Umbellatus AlbaAgapanthus Umbellatus AlbaAgapanthus Umbellatus Alba
Agapanthus Umbellatus Alba
The stunning white flowers adorn the long stems. It is an evergreen shrub, with beautiful lanceolate and bright green leaves. The flowers will appear from July to September.
3LPerennial£10.00 Add to basket

Agastache MorelloAgastache MorelloAgastache Morello
Agastache Morello
A deep pink agastache which soon forms a nice clump in the border.
1.5 LPerennial£7.00 Add to basket
Alchemilla mollisAlchemilla mollisAlchemilla mollis
Alchemilla mollis
Greenish yellow foliage excellent ground cover yellow flowers may - Sept. 40cm
2LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket

Aloe aristataAloe aristataAloe aristata
Aloe aristata
A.aristata is a low-growing evergreen perennial.It forms lance-shaped, softly spined green leaves with white spots. In autumn tubular, orange-red flowers appear on long stems.
3LPerennial£12.00 Add to basket
Anchusa 'Loddon RoyalistAnchusa 'Loddon RoyalistAnchusa 'Loddon Royalist
Anchusa 'Loddon Royalist
Plant in well drained sunny position ,intense blue 1 m high flowers June Sept
2LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket

Anemone hyb, SerenadeAnemone hyb, SerenadeAnemone hyb, Serenade
Anemone hyb, Serenade
Free flowering, semi double dark pink. 80cm in height. Aug/Oct.
2LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket
Anthriscus sylvestris RavenswingAnthriscus sylvestris RavenswingAnthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing
Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing
A beautiful member of the cow-parsley group with lacy white flowers, May-Jun. 1.2m in height. Glorious purple ferny foliage. Any soil in sun or part shade. Biennial.
2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket

Arisaema rigdensArisaema rigdensArisaema rigdens
Arisaema rigdens

2LPerennial£8.00 Add to basket
Aruncus HoratioAruncus HoratioAruncus Horatio
Aruncus Horatio
leaves and stems bronze colour cream flowers June to Aug Good autumn foliage
2LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket

Asarum europeumAsarum europeumAsarum europeum
Asarum europeum
Wild, Ginger, Evergreen species with shiny heart-shaped leaves and spring blossoms of purple/green, May-Jun. 15cm in height. Good ground cover woodland plant. Dry shade.
1LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket
Asarum splendensAsarum splendensAsarum splendens
Asarum splendens
Good ground cover, mottled evergreen leaves,strange brown/cream flowers at base. 30cm in height.
1LPerennial£6.00 Add to basket

Asparagus VirgatusAsparagus VirgatusAsparagus Virgatus
Asparagus Virgatus
Very fine evergreen foliage.
2LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket
Aspidistra elatorAspidistra elatorAspidistra elator
Aspidistra elator
This once popular victorian foliage plant, may be grown in sheltered shady areas in the uk. Slow growing,40-60cm.
2LPerennial£9.00 Add to basket

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