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Aeonium Tip TopAeonium Tip TopAeonium Tip Top
Aeonium Tip Top
short bushy form with greener centers
1LExotic£5.00 Add to basket
Astelia banksiiAstelia banksiiAstelia banksii
Astelia banksii
Silver evergreen spikey foliage 30 to 40 cm
2LExotic£12.50 Add to basket

Baptisai australisBaptisai australisBaptisai australis
Baptisai australis

2LExotic£12.00 Add to basket
Begonia foliosa miniata  (was fushioides)Begonia foliosa miniata  (was fushioides)Begonia foliosa miniata (was fushioides)
Begonia foliosa miniata  (was fushioides)
Small green leaves begonia virtually continuous flowering small pink hanging flowers; virtually hardy
1LExotic£6.00 Add to basket

Begonia metalicaBegonia metalicaBegonia metalica
Begonia metalica
upright growing var evergreen pinkflowers aut
2LExotic£8.00 Add to basket
Begonia Snow SplashBegonia Snow SplashBegonia Snow Splash
Begonia Snow Splash
White marks on large green leaves
2LExotic£10.00 Add to basket

Buddleia  agothosmaBuddleia  agothosmaBuddleia agothosma
Buddleia  agothosma
Large toothedfelty leaves withscented lilac flowers late spring 2 m
3LExotic£12.50 Add to basket
Colocasia Escalanta burgundyColocasia Escalanta burgundyColocasia Escalanta burgundy
Colocasia Escalanta burgundy
Another variation in the foliage of escalanta.
5LExotic£18.00 Add to basket

Eriobotrya japonicaEriobotrya japonicaEriobotrya japonica
Eriobotrya japonica

3LExotic£15.00 Add to basket
Lomatia furugineaLomatia furugineaLomatia furuginea
Lomatia furuginea

2LExotic£15.00 Add to basket

Pilea tasmanian silverPilea tasmanian silverPilea tasmanian silver
Pilea tasmanian silver

9cmExotic£4.00 Add to basket
Pilea tasmanium silverPilea tasmanium silverPilea tasmanium silver
Pilea tasmanium silver
Low growing exotic silver striped foliage bushy 60 cm
5LExotic£12.00 Add to basket

Plectranthrus variegataPlectranthrus variegataPlectranthrus variegata
Plectranthrus variegata
Bright cream varegation
2LExotic£6.00 Add to basket
plectranthus ambiguus Nicoplectranthus ambiguus Nicoplectranthus ambiguus Nico
plectranthus ambiguus Nico
Dark foliage
2LExotic£6.00 Add to basket

Plectranthus ornatusPlectranthus ornatusPlectranthus ornatus
Plectranthus ornatus

2LExotic£6.00 Add to basket
Plectranthus santanaPlectranthus santanaPlectranthus santana
Plectranthus santana
STUNNING gold and mauve foliage Good grower .6mx.6m a must for the tropical garden
2LExotic£6.00 Add to basket

Plectranthus Velvet ElvisPlectranthus Velvet ElvisPlectranthus Velvet Elvis
Plectranthus Velvet Elvis
Half hardy perrenial ith dark green wavy leaves which are purple beneath. Keep frost free
2LExotic£6.00 Add to basket
Plectrantus blue spirePlectrantus blue spirePlectrantus blue spire
Plectrantus blue spire
upright habit variegated foliage
2LExotic£6.00 Add to basket

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